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[Fenfire-dev] vacation

From: Matti Katila
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] vacation
Date: Mon, 24 May 2004 22:29:00 +0300 (EEST)


I have a long vacation and I like to start thinking how to develop Fenfire 
further since I have lot's of free time :) 

Some thoughs about the projects:
  - I hope I don't need to touch it ;)
  - besides of the activate http://himalia.it.jyu.fi/ffdoc/
    there should be a way to say that here is a rectangular and if the 
    getCSAt is called and it's not in this rectangular, none of the child 
    coordinates should be consider to have the activation.
    This is needed because finding a coordinate system is a linear 
    operation and by limiting the finding only to those that may 
    be valid is a possible way to speed the alghorithm.

  - finish recursive vobscenes (it's needed because also longhorn has 
    those ;)    

  - i would like to design a flexible "windowing" system inside libvob so 
    that we may use different window managers to handle the view. I shall 
    remaind of the goal of building a desktop system. I think it means 
    that we should not depend to other programs in the system at some 
    point :) (before they adopt it =)

  - learn Tuomas' code for c++ side would be a good start..

  - not much currently

  - I think storm is the one thing where my and Benja's thoughs differ.
     Benja would like to have:
       - html stuff
       - p2p bamboo network

     I think that:
       - html is very broken thing. no one should be encouraged to use it ;)
       - besides of this internet wide bamboo network there should be 
         small and secured dht rings between friends and colleges. 
         These small nets should be transparent as possible to the user.
     For one thing, webdav, we have consensus :)

  - Having RDF graphs in the storm blocks but not as references but 
    actual graphs that can be used with fenfire system.
  - reverse indexing these graphs and allowing to make links between 
    those in the fenfire system. 

  - I think loom's current vanishing view has come at the end of it's 
    life. It does not work with multilining pretty well and that's why...

  - ...loom and fenfire should be merged. Merging should be done with good 
    design and some new consepts can be added. 
  - I still prefer of the goal and would like to have in fenfire:
      - social life: chat, emails
      - planning: mindmaps, canvas of annotations and such, etc.
      - writing: xanalogically
  - different views and ways to connect anything to anything.

Are there more things?


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