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[Fenfire-dev] 7 projects to one big branch?

From: Matti Katila
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] 7 projects to one big branch?
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 13:57:16 +0300 (EEST)

I'm Trying to have a point of view of the Benja's idea to put them all up 
together again:

- commits are atomic (I often change things in two projects 
  which depend on each other)

   * That's not true. The projects not depend on each other. fenfire or 
     loom may depend them all but for example storm does depend none.
     If they depend on each other the design is broken already.

   * Another point of view (=software developement), long living 
     interfaces matter much more than a single implementation issue.
     From this point of view there can't be atomic commits between 
     different projects.

- you can diff all the projects at the same time

   * I want to raise a question: "how many projects do you change at the 
     same time?"  I don't want to diff all projects at the same time. It 
     would be a mess. If we put them all together we wouldn't be able to 
     see anymore what change has to do for this particular project. 

- you can have a makefile that compiles the Java code of 
  all projects (also useful when changing > 1 project)

   * We can have that Makefile without having everything in the same 

- it's easier to check out everything (I read somewhere 
  somebody complaining that you need to check out all those different 
  projects to build fenfire)

   * Not the strongest issue since only few (=mainly me and Benja) would 
     make changes to every other projects. New developers may get a 
     branch of a project when they find a bug and fix it.

   * buildcfg+scripts can be used to build fenfire.

   * Not an issue if everyone uses the main line as a developement branch 
     as in cvs.

- it's easier to branch to do your own development, you 
  just need to make one branch, and you don't have this-project-is-branched and 
  this-project-is-not so you must not commit to the second project 
  without branching because you would commit to the mirror  

   * you don't need to have a mirror.

- you can update all projects at the same time

   * can be done with scripts. It may be faster to update two 
     smaller projects than one big.

I don't agree that putting all projects into one huge project would make 
things easier, faster or cleaner. Also, I want to hear Janne's comments as 


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