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Re: [Fenfire-dev] CLI

From: Matti Katila
Subject: Re: [Fenfire-dev] CLI
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 23:46:22 +0300 (EEST)

On Sun, 18 Jul 2004, Benja Fallenstein wrote:
> - Build everything from very simple primitives, like 'rectangle,' 
> 'filled rectangle' or 'text vob.' I.e., don't have complex objects like 
> RectBgVob as primitives; instead, build them up from simple primitive 
> components. This comes from Fresco/InterViews.

This may be advantage of code reuse but also produce longer code because 
more objects must be constructed? I don't think this is problem or 
anything as long as them don't slow down the scene.

> I want the lob system to include a set of components, i.e. buttons, 
> scrollbars, text fields etc., which are themeable.

This themeability may somehow break the architechture. Be sure to keep 
those small and simple lobs and collection type lobs separated. 

> > Currently there seems to be some code for editor like app. It looks 
> > interesting :)  How about menus, lists, checkboxes, buttons, 
> Menus, lists, checkboxes and buttons are planned features that I simply 
> haven't implemented yet.

Once you implement a one it would be nice to see a working demo "max. 100 
lines" to get to know with the architechture and perhaps help with other 
missing lobs.
> > I'm not very familiar  with the code but it seemed not to be "zoomable" 
> In theory it's zoomable, you'd just need to add a ZoomLob that creates a 
> zoomed coordinate system and passes that to its child's render() method.

I'm interesting in the mouse events in generally. Could you say some words 
about it as well? How lob system handles those? The upper lob seems to 
delegate the event to "bottom" lobs. That's interesting because that way 
coordinate systems don't need to be activated as I have understood. That's 
also much more faster than iterating all coordinate systems trough which 
has been a bottle neck. 

Like I said I have though PUI layer before but I didn't start to build 
the system mainly because of I couldn't find good enough way to handle 
those mouse inputs :)

In fenpdf we used to hande all mouse events very separately and that was 
a mess. I would like just to bind events to proper handlers and I won't 
want to see any mouse() method in my apps really.

Hmm. I think that we should also pass trough all mouse events and not just 
clicks, button down/released and drags. That would say in two seconds 
whether the event handling is enough fast.

> > nor use libvob as fast as it could use it? 
> How so?

Like with scrollbar, you don't want to wait new scene when you scroll.
That is, scrolling should adjust some coordinate system parameters (or 
actually the model should do it). Even if it still almoust fast enough 
with bigger scene it definitely is not.


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