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[Fenfire-dev] Web pointers related to Fenfire

From: Benja Fallenstein
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] Web pointers related to Fenfire
Date: Sat, 27 Nov 2004 05:10:56 +0100
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Some stuff I've recently come across that may have an impact on Fenfire.

Javolution, a library for fast programming in Java -- support for programming that avoids garbage collection, programmed entirely in Java:


This may be useful as a library to base Fenfire on, because to perform well enough for the desktop we need to optimize a lot.

Monotone, a version control system that shares a lot of ideas with Storm:


Not sure what the impact on Fenfire & Storm is, if any, but it's good to know. Lots of ideas that sound very familiar :)

Laszlo, an XML-based UI language that is compiled into a Flash file by a web server, for writing "cinematic" Web applications:


(you need Flash to look at the demos)

It is kind of hard to explain *why*, but I think that this is quite important to know. Couple of reasons:

- I want Fenfire to look that good.
- It interpolates, and the UI demos make use of that a lot. To a degree, the UI is reminiscent of what I want for FF. - The business story is that companies can make more useful *and* better-looking Web apps with it. I generally find "desktop widgets make better webapps" hard to swallow -- the html page model seems much easier for users. But the demo they have, browsing Amazon music, looks like it has a lot of promise, making e.g. shopping cart management much easier. - It works on the Web, based on the idea that web apps are much more successful, for many businesses, than downloading apps. - It does *not* have a flexible connective structure, nor even much of a concept of browsing from place to place -- although the Amazon demo uses that concept. Fenfire could add a lot beyond Laszlo here.

So I see the relevance somewhere along the lines of--

- Figure out how to make FF look better :)
- Make applets better supported? I.e., provide a solution similar to Laszlo where people can provide a browsable FF structure/application as an applet.

I think that Laszlo is in some sense a competitor to Libvob/Fenfire, even though they have such different goals. Or maybe put it like this: Being a competitor to Laszlo should perhaps be a goal for Libvob/Fenfire...

All just thinking at the moment, of course.

- Benja

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