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[Fenfire-dev] Hello Friend

From: Fernando Garcia
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] Hello Friend
Date: Fri, 27 Jan 2006 06:35:02 -0800 (PST)

Alpha Bank
66 Cannon St,
London, EC4N 6EP
Phone: +44 7040195225
PRIVATE E-MAIL: address@hidden
Good day,
After much consideration i have decided to contact someone. I am Fernando 
Garcia from Espana posted to London to work as an account
officer of Alpha Bank London.During a routine check on a dormant
account I discovered a dormant domiciliary account with the sum of
$4, 450,000.00(Four million, four hundred and fiftyThousand Dollars)
belonging to a customer with the name Mr.Jeffery Rush.
This amount has been deposited for about 7 years without any known
withdrawal.After proper investigation and records search it became
very clear that the real owner of these funds is Mr. Rahid Abdul a
member of the ousted regime of Saddam Hussein. I was able to get
this fact because most members of that ousted barbaric Regime
deposited funds using nonexistent names and invalid addresses in
order not to be traced and the same name was used to create the
confiscated accounts with HSBC Brazil.
I am the only person here that has found out this fact and have
decided to get this funds transferred out of this bank. Turning
these funds over to the government is not a advisable because I have
lost a cousin in that war which has lost its justification moreover
it will still end up been used for the same purpose (war). To me the
best option is to transfer these funds to a very safe account of a
businessperson and this is just why I contacted you. Please be very
calm, as I know this letter might me very shocking but it is just
the fact and you do not need to worry for I will ensure its success.
I will want a situation where you provide a safe account so we can
wire this funds directly to the account. What we need to do is to
arrange/notarizes some documents to assume that Mr.Jeffery Rush.
(since he does not exist) is late and we make a claim to the funds.
With my position here I will ensure that everything works out to our
advantage. This should be kept to your self alone for you have just
gotten a Lifetime opportunity. Please do not expose it to a third
party due to my position here.. After receipt of a satisfactory
response I will send across to you full details and mode of sharing.
Yours faithfully
Fernando Garcia.

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