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[Fenfire-dev] COMPLIMENT

Subject: [Fenfire-dev] COMPLIMENT
Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2006 14:28:18 +0200
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I have been searching for a person whom we can jointly invest, Trust in and
also solicit an honorable partnership with. 
I want to confirm that your contact information was got from a web email
directory. I represent a client who is interested in investing in your
country in areas related to agriculture or any business of your choice, to
initiate a proper and structured relationship. Please let me know what your
response will be to an offer to receive investment funds in cash if; 

1. The said fund amounts to US$38,500,000 (Eight Million, Five hundred
Thousand US Dollars).

2. The said fund is in cash and needs to be transferred in the same state,
due to some covert reasons.

3. The fund could be invested through your agency in the purchase of
facility and assets for investment purposes within your country, in
collaboration with the agency of the current brokers.

4. This transaction will result in you being paid a commission of 10% off
the investment capital.

5. The fund owners desire absolute confidentiality and professionalism in
the handling of this matter, due to risks of seizure of the fund and
litigation if personalities are revealed. 

The fund owners have interest to invest in any of the following industries,
depending on which is most transparent, low risk, and average profit
yielding: Power Generation, Telecommunication and Software Development, Film
Production, Hardware Manufacturing and Export, Medicine, Construction or
Real-Estate Development.
Based upon the information provided above, I would like to know if you
shall be able to assist in the nature of managing the investment fund. You
must note that the fund can only be transferred in cash, therefore if you
are in acceptance to participate with us in the investment of the fund, you
shall also need to participate with us in the transfer of the fund in cash
in the manner of receiving the fund in cash and depositing it in a Trusted
account opened in favour of the investment to be established.
And this account would serve as the base or operating account for the
investment. I am obliged to believe that you would be able to understand the
information above, and should you need further information, please do not
hesitate to ask.
Kindly confirm receipt of this email by sending all correspondence to: 
Quazi Hossain (Esq.)
Tel: +871 763 591 465
Fax: +871 763 591 466

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