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Subject: [Fenfire-dev] LETS DO IT TOGETHER
Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 06:26:17 -0500

Dear I am sorry it has been such a long time since we last spoke: I lost your contact details and only just managed to find your email address. I want to offer you an investment proposal, and hope that you will be interested, considering our long friendship. I hope your family are well, and that you are still enjoying your job? I wish to discuss a business partnership with you. I am in a very difficult position with the central banking services, here in England, due to a large transfer made from the financial firm where I work, to an account I opened for this purpose. The transfer was made from one of my clientsÂ’ account. He died 4 years ago, from cancer. I personally oversaw the payment to my account, but unfortunately, it has been stopped and held by the banking authorities here who want Proof of the Origin of the money. Obviously, this can only be obtained from the client, who is dead. This demand has placed me in an impossible situation as I made this transfer under the pretence that it was instructed by the original client. I was able to do this because I am his personal manager and no one has claimed the account, as he died intestate. I have used my experience in finance to resolve some issues concerning the transfer, but I am still left in a situation where I have had no choice but to consult a financial lawyer. I was advised that he can obtain all the necessary clearance documents to complete the transfer of this fund; at a price. That is the purpose of this mail. I believe with your financial capability, our long-established friendship, and the rewards we will share, that you will be able to assist me financially to obtain the clearance documents through this lawyer. As you will remember, I am recently divorced and so have no disposable income to do this myself. Hence I am contacting you to help me. If you think you can help, we can arrange how to share the transfer amount and maybe invest some of the money with your company. I am embarrassed that I have to ask you for this favour, but it will be of such benefit to you that I hope you do not mind. Danny, my boy, remembers you well and wants to know when next you will come to London. Do tell me your news too, it has been so long! My Best Wishes and all my love Sandra.
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