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From: Peter Camara
Date: Fri, 21 Apr 2006 10:02:27 -0700
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Dear friend,
It is my humble pleasure to write you this important
letter, irrespective of the fact that we have not met
for the first time or known each other before.
However, I was able to get your contact through an
international profile in my earnest search for a
reliable and trustworthy person, firm, or group of
persons that can handle this confidential transaction
with me.
My name is Peter Camara, the son of Dr Steven Camara
 (the former financial Director of Sierra Leone
national mining corporation) who was killed and
mutilated by the military junta led by Major Foday
Sankoh after overthrowing the elected government of
President Tejan Kabah,
hough I do not know to what extent you are familiar
with this events and disturbances in Sierra Leone but
it has consistent features in news and bulletins. The
pressure of war drove the rest of our family out of
Sierra Leone into exile where we have been living under political asylum
till now. I am now here with my little sister and myself,
But before the death of my Father he handed over to
me a certificate meant for a secret deposited trunk
box which he made in a security company,
and he disclosed to me that the trunk box contains
withholding the truth of the real content for
security reasons, even the Security Firm is not aware
that the boxes contains Money till now.
The Money was paid to the mining corporation under
him by it's overseas customers in the heat of the war
but he made the deposit in his name with the hope 
 to make investment with the money  after the end of the
war but unfortunately my father was killed when the 
conflict intensified as aresult of his opposition to the rebel forces.
 I havecontacted the Security Company to confirm the deposit
and established ownership. I have decided to solicit
for the assistance of an honest and trustworthy person
that will assist me in the withdrawal of the trunk
boxes for investment purposes.
I cannot do it alone due to my present status and
total ignorance in business and investment world. You
will be given a negotiable percentage of the money at
the end of the transaction. If you are trustworthy and
interested in the proposal, contact me immediately for
more details.
Endeavor to include your personal/private telephone and
fax number when replying to maintain absolute
confidentiality to ensure success.

Please kindly reply to my private email box:

Best regards,
Truely Peter Camara.

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