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[Fenfire-dev] dented larvae

From: Nancy Ames
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] dented larvae
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 01:48:40 +0800

After reading Wilfrids note she said to herself blankly: For alove-letter its not a love-letter. Why she should feel so, going to a private lunchwith her lover, she could not have explained. Id sooner die to give them adeath-blow than to keep them alive. Would you mindtelling Mother and Hubert for me, Dad? Yes, Dad, but Ive heard Hubert talk in much the same way aboutthat. Desert got up, went to a drawer and took out a manuscript. There are two questions, Michael, and so far as I can see theyrequite separate. Being before her time, she stoppedat Mount Street to titivate. Hell have another point of view; and itwont be orthodox. She stopped at last and added:Uncle, please dont look like that! Winchesterseems to me so superior and dry. Yes; but Ive seen people seem so unalterably in love that theywere divorced within the year. It concerns you; and its queer and damaging. It only means, she thought, something Ive forgotten. Hehad gone off to the war when she was ten. Winchesterseems to me so superior and dry. Itll be good for Stack, and I want to think. He onlyhad about five minutes to decide in. The General drew deeply at his pipe, which emitted a gurglingsound. You dont think, said Michael miserably, that youd be justifiedin denying the thing? Its the quality, youremember, that got Lucifer into trouble. And seizing a piece of paper, hewrote:Cork Street: Saturday. Hell be a pariah, burst from the General, hell be a pariah! After all, what business is it of theirs? If I must die I want a reality to die for. Hes written a poem on it, and a jolly good oneit is. Winchesterseems to me so superior and dry. And with that blunt reflection he crossed Bond Street and went downHay Hill into Berkeley Square. Then,without looking at him, she said:Do you want to get rid of me, Wilfrid? That sort of thing is only in books, Wilfrid. They seemed tolive brightly between her and the moving, moonlit, wind-brushedsky. It only means, she thought, something Ive forgotten. The queer thing is, if hedthreatened torture Id have stood out. Theres nothing of that in the poem, said Michael. I can explain it, Dad, she said, and thought: It will only makehim understand even less. Michael had recoiled before the passion in this outburst, and wasstanding miserable and glum. Dinny did not receive this note till Monday morning, and was themore relieved to get it. He was down for both, and the matter had not yet beendecided. The chief of themhad him brought into his tent and offered him his life if he wouldembrace Islam.

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