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[Fenfire-dev] progeny stuff

From: Hilda Pritchard
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] progeny stuff
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006 15:42:43 -0200

Yes, my great fear is, Richards heading for another move.
Its a goodish step for th ol cove, and a regularroaster into the bargain. To them must now be added therent of the house they lived in. Butthere was another reason for the deliberateness with which he soughtthe bedroom.
It was the fault of his oldpoor head, which was unequal to the strain of so sudden a waking. Did you see him, kneelin with all them things spreadout around him?
Feeling as you do about it my dear you must just be firmand stick to your guns.
His knees felt weak, and he could hardly see for the tearsthat would keep gathering. She being what she was, he believed theknowledge would well-nigh break her heart. His books lay unopened, withdrawn into their primary state of somuch dead paper.
Why, thelikelihood is, theyll boggle at my diagnoses . A man of his skill, hisexperience, wilfully to put himself at the mercy of a pack ofbush-dwellers . I WILLTELEGRAPH YOU ON MONDAY MORNING EARLY. Theres some people, Mary, ud call it by another name, mydear! But he waswholly without appetite; and one glance at the fatty mess on the tablewas enough. IF, AS IS SO OFTEN ASSERTED, THE SYSTEM OF HOMOEOPATHY AS PRACTISED BYHAHNEMANN AND HIS FOLLOWERS . And if he once gets an idea in his head, I might as well talk tothe wind. Offhe raced, shuffling his bare feet through the hot, dry, shifty sand.
An they both said itwas a crying shame to have a doctor here who went in for magic andsuch-like. Really I cant help wondering sometimes,Tilly, if Ive been the right wife for him, after all. Proffering an excuse, he left the room to plunge it in water. Nobody ull go near the house any more after dark.
I should not dream of inconveniencing the lady on myaccount.
A man of his skill, hisexperience, wilfully to put himself at the mercy of a pack ofbush-dwellers .
And digging deeper still, he got, he thought, a further insightinto his motives. Until, angry and menacing, shattering the heavenly inertia, a scream.
On the road home, the great heat and his own depression overcame him.
She screeched like blue murder: Maria heard her.
Down by the waters edge Cuffy played angrily.
In fancy he saw himself refused credit, required tohand over cash for what he purchased . Itran away so fast that there was hardly any left; but it was enough:ugh!
But heknew another way of getting at them. But there also cametimes when some such vividly recalled emotion proved the way out.

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