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[Fenfire-dev] practicality

From: Gil Combs
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] practicality
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 14:54:09 +0300

It may be three or four hours yet, and this is my second to-night. She was knocked down four days ago by a bus. Their eyes were full of the varying lights of thenight.
She was knocked down four days ago by a bus.
And suddenly his passionate need of herreturned, but in the guise of an intolerable tenderness.
Kit could see the retinal redness ofPentreaths dark and sensitive eyes. She stood there, looking at him and smiling, and yet there was muchmore behind her smile. But half the women one wants arent the women onecould live with.
She hadthe clearness of vision of a woman who is fay. The girl took a look at him as they passed under a lamp. You are absolutely right about wanting tohelp Pentreath.
Therewas something French in the logic of her emotions. I can do it without docking you of your money.
He felt her cheek pressing against hisshoulder.
Sorrell paused to light a pipe, while Kits glances seemedto sink into the landscape.
Kithad walked from the station, carrying his suitcase; he was wearinga black tie.
We live together; makes it easier, sharing one of thosepigeon-holes.
There is a woman downstairs whowill come in.
Only once did he speak of them to his father. They wandered, Kits arm tucked under hers, and his hand holdingher fingers.
She gave a little twist of the shoulders.
Kit found himself in the doorway, looking into the eyes of themessenger. She asked to forget the mists of November, though sheknew that they would come.
Also Kit met people in the Chelsea house, people who mattered, whohad done things.

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