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[Fenfire-dev] truly outlandish

From: Micky Greenwood
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] truly outlandish
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 10:07:12 +0200

He had a moments vision of two menplaying with victim after victim.
Extension, he thought, Iextend myself into-into what?
If there areany developments I will let you know. Then very slowly he got to his feet and laid it carefully on thetable. He shook his head; so simple a solution had never appealed tohim. You must have it, Chloe said breathlessly.
As he did so Ibrahim repeated: Have you seen?
I forgot you live with itperpetually, Lindsay answered. How could you exist in that past again except by virtue of theStone? The titles, in his present state, seemed toLord Arglay merely sinister.
In aminute or two he brought the talk back to the immediate necessities.
I dont knowwhat your friend means by calling it the end of desire.
You must have it, Chloe said breathlessly.
Rather shakenstill, the stranger looked at her, but hostilely.
I was going to the theatre, she said, but I thought of postponingit. No, I dont think youdbetter; perhaps I will. You may be right, Lord Arglay said, but of the Unity I know nothing,and of man I know something.
It is almost sacrilege, he murmured,yet it is with a right desire.
As he did so Ibrahim repeated: Have you seen? Fool that I am, this thrice infernal Stone willdo it for them! But he must keep quiet anyhowtill I can see Giles again.
Then Lord Arglay said, I can onlythink of one thing to be done at once, and thats to stop Reginald.
But he made a desperate effort to hold it, and at once a strengthflowed out from him.
His mind told him the Persians meaningbut his being did not respond to it.
You must have it, Chloe said breathlessly.

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