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[Fenfire-dev] fatigue

From: Eva Garner
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] fatigue
Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2006 07:38:27 +0200

Reckon itll have to be at the up end of the canyon. Thatll cut two days off our Christmas vacation inFlag.
I got brains an six-sense eyesight, replied the gloomycowboy.
It was something for the outlaw tolook again into furious blazing honest eyes.
It makes me sick as a dog to remember the fights Ive been in,let alone talk aboot them. An then youll be slated for a quiet rest under apine tree! Lang and Madden, and especially young Reed, lied about it.
Boss, Ill take the beatin, impolored Bud. Me an Slinger, her brother, was friendsonce. The Hash-Knife will hide down heah, an then go to operatinbig an bold. There was a long slow ascent thinning from forest to park-like ground, upto the old cabin.
You can build a fireplace under the extension roofthere. AndSlinger Dunn swore it was ten to one Id not come back. The little outlaw plunged face forward and slid into the brush.
Then Sonoratold him that there was a camp somewhere down outside the gateway of thecanyon. So until then I guess well have to play mumblypeg. Upon it was scrawled in a crude, but legible hand-writing, the wordMariana. Boss, Ill take the beatin, impolored Bud.
Divide it, accordin to what each of you lost.
Slinger will watch the Hash-Knife gang andreport.
He said you must have been driven to outlawry.
Butlife is short in Arizona an who knows? Illgive you that to move off, fair and square, like the good fellow Ibelieve you are.
Stone is a persuasive cuss, Ive heahed men say.
The doctor thinksArizona will make her strong again.
Youll wake up somebody, admonished Bud, in a fiercewhisper. At this juncture Stone took a noiseless and unobtrusive step closer tothe sitting Malloy.

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