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[Fenfire-dev] surface

From: Francis Best
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] surface
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:56:25 +0300

Ive eaten far worse joints than this, headded. The girl was in the room, andshe 
distracted him; also the noise of London still bothered him. All sounds were 
for the moment obliterated. They watched the red juice running down into the 
well of the dish. He put his hat on the table, but awkwardly. Yes, yes, she 
said, as if to assure him that his words wereright.
Eleanor took it for grantedthat Nicholas would go with her.
I used to write to her, he thought, late at night,when I felt lonely, when I 
was young. Blazing hot at midday: an old tramp tappedon your door 

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