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[Fenfire-dev] untangle crowbar

From: August Elder
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] untangle crowbar
Date: Mon, 11 Sep 2006 12:27:36 -0700

Theprocess can go on until the European stock of munitions and airpilots is exhausted. Imaintain that all spare money should be devoted to the breeding ofgentlemen. Surely the British Empire is something more than ageographical _expression_.
Which of us dare takethe responsibility of dropping the first bomb? Do you call the lawfully constituted democraticgovernment of your country its enemies?
He made heaven for me on earth; and now that isall over. You call this patriotism, courage, glory.
He will shew you thatthey are all imaginary. Then, as time is getting on, gentlemen, had we not bettercome to judgment? We should then be obliged towipe out Hamburg and all the eastern cities from Munster toSalzburg. Take your trouble to Jesus; and set allthe women a good example.
You two gentlemen must see toit at once that it is officially denied in your countries.
Yes: that is a very fine attitude and quite a correct one.
Has anyone anything better to propose than an attitude? But I claim to have done a little good withmy acting. Let these gentlemen managetheir own countries and leave us to manage ours. You are souls intorment, as I was until six months ago. Thencomes this pious lady to bid me turn to God. I used tokeep dogs myself; but I had to give it up: I couldnt bear theshortness of their lives.
Are we here to discuss the Jewishproblem?
Unfortunately there is no law as between nations.

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