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[Fenfire-dev] euphemistic strangely

From: Clifford Chamberlain
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] euphemistic strangely
Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2006 12:24:06 +0100

Lets hope it lasts this time, said Uncle Tom. Forthwith she and Rae and Judyand mother went into committee on the subject.
Withthat hint of wistful appeal back of their laughter? No, Judy, Brook and I are just going to be marriedhere with you home folks looking on.
And you cantell him my parting word was
The onewho goes is happier far than the one thats left behind.
Oh, oh, if that was all that did be lost!
It would be better if he never came back ifhe comes as a stranger. I have the very thing for that here, said Mrs. The thirdtime she managed to ejaculate,Josiah! Tillytuck rumbled and took a large bite out of a cinnamon bun. Ive always lovedthe Long House next to Silver Bush. So youve hooked the widower at last, Pat?
I dont know what you mean, said Pat icily
Im just going to sit here and hate her hard. She said with a laugh that she was having a second youth. Its just that he feels hes lost face, said Rae. Oh, oh, it ought to be wid a whole year to get riddy in, agreedJudy.
They could have theaunts and uncles and cousins surely.
It had become absolutely necessary for him to start forChina at once instead of next year.
I simply cant go down to see him, gasped Pat, going momentarilyto pieces. Brook wrote that the manager of the Chinese branch had suddenlydied. I was just a kid when he went away but Iremember him well. Rae expected to be married in another year.
Then Im one of the kind of people who cant love that way. Ive a nasty, going-to-happenyfeeling this morning that I dont like. Ive never understood how a gal could bringherself to marry a widower
Im expecting to feel his warm,rough little tongue on my hand any moment. But she wished Pat well andwas careful to say that MR. I wouldnt let her in if I was you, said Mrs.

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