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[Fenfire-dev] gasoline

From: Madge Mcneil
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] gasoline
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 14:16:42 -0500

I might have known youd think of yourdamned sheep first.
That were her meaning when she saysYell get us all squeezed. Theyll be settingthemselves up for gentlemen next.
For weeks a dry wind blew fromthe north-west, like an endless flock of firebirds passing over.
That and the Scotchman that lifted two nags offof him. Dennis saw that nothing was to be gained like this, so he shoutedto the barman, Hey, ye there!
Nor them damn English tyrants neither, added Carney, with a soureye on Cabell. She shrugged her thin shoulders, half despairing, half impatient,and turned on the young man. Imagine howdifferent life must be in this bush with a woman. Wouldnt take half a minute just to peep round the door.
The whelpdonly be back tomorrow in worse company.
He took stock of hisposition: Say that his flock doubled every two years.
Gursey was even a littlemore sullen than usual and Peters looked worried. Dennis said, in his humblest, mostobsequious voice. Did I no say to mesel thatd be your first thocht,McFarlane exclaimed in disgust, slapping his knee. The same nicht I made tracks wi my twa nags.
Aint ye heard how were after havin a colony of our own,wid a governor and council. Dennis has got tables and chairs you canmove about in his pub. This is Mr Cabell, gentlemen, Flanagan went on, without waitingfor him to speak. Ah, theres nothing to worry about Joe, he said, layinghis hand on Gurseys shoulder. Peters hesitated and looked at Fritzs bottles, sighed.
He had two thousand ewes and nearly a thousandwethers now. Theyrecampit just ower ahint the swamp near the ranges.
Then his browswrinkled and he grew angry. Peters hesitated and looked at Fritzs bottles, sighed. But it was somesatisfaction to smash ten pounds worth of crockery. When they stroked their beards the hair crackled likepaper.
A bit weevilyparritch and a drop o post and rails ye wouldna enjoy.
Dont remember much about England, Gursey muttered.
He sent Peters and Herb on with the dray and rodeback to the settlement.

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