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[Fenfire-dev] advisable concept

From: Oliver Rush
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] advisable concept
Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2006 23:02:59 -0200

All were womenand children in the boat apart from those of us men from the Engleheart. Most of them I knew individually, and had been shipmates withthem on different ships of the Line. A fewbuckets of water over them and then they were left to recover.
Every wave threatened to comeover the bows of our overloaded lifeboat and swamp us.
Im not particularly fond of Bridge, immediately after breakfast,even if there was a War.
Itmust have been a curious psychology that governed the managers of thatmagnificent Line. The conditions under which firemen laboured in these boats, wereinhuman. Yes, caught, all right, but perhaps with the sharp edge of a shovel.
Take it round with me when Imsounding ship? Was it not possible that he might have climbed on to an iceberg?
We sailed away merrily into the teeth of a S. Forcing the Merchant Service man into Navy ways was almost as hard asmaking water run uphill. This type reached its peak in the days of the old MAJESTIC and TEUTONIC. In this amazing attitude she remained for thespace of half a minute. We started together, and if need be, well finishtogether. Fortunately, none of them realised how near we were to being swamped. Well, I pointed out, it would depend greatly on weather conditions.
Once the word was given to hoist away and up into the air they went. Wed try and make for an hotel and get some inwardcomfort.
Still, I think we parted very good friends.
If a sea got up it was going to take all my knowledgeof boat-craft to keep her afloat. In fact, theOCEANICS records for steady and consistent running have never beenequalled.
Personally, I had no desire that blame should be attributedeither to the B. This type reached its peak in the days of the old MAJESTIC and TEUTONIC.
Still, I think we parted very good friends.
And if I looked as big a fool as I felt, then Id need to besorry for the success of our venture.

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