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[Fenfire-dev] TT_2846583-[YOUR DETAILS HAVE BEEN CHANGED!]

From: VISA TechSupport
Subject: [Fenfire-dev] TT_2846583-[YOUR DETAILS HAVE BEEN CHANGED!]
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2006 18:39:16 -0400

Dear Customer,

This message has been sent to you by Visa Security Program.
You've specified this e-mail as reachable with your credit card online 
transaction (your credit card details are not shown here for security reasons).
We notify you that your level of authorization has been altered during your 
last transaction of AUD 107.40 together with the service fee
of AUD 24.00. (26 SEPT 2006)
You can check details in the attachment.

If you believe there was a mistake please report this to Verified by Visa.
Protect your Visa card online with a personal password
Visa provides reassurance that only you can use your Visa card online. Learn 
more about the benefits of Verified by Visa


VISA TechSupport

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