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[Flpda-disc] Hi

From: Cam
Subject: [Flpda-disc] Hi
Date: Sun, 07 Sep 2003 03:37:23 +0100
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anyone here?

I've just been working on flpda along the lines suggested by the Flek maintainer (James) some time ago.

Basically I have moved some classes from Flek into Flpda so that the two Flek libs should no longer be needed.

Also I have added icon buttons to Flpda, implemented using a custom font.

I have made cosmetic changes to the Fl_Calendar and Fl_Time classes to use the new icon buttons and to present the calendar with shaded weekdays and weekends.

I have changed Fl_App_Window and Fl_Dockable_Window to remove the docking functionality, which was over engineered.

I have written a new class Fl_Toolbar which is a lightweight toolbar, it is similar to Fl_Pack but allows a resizable spacer in the middle of the list of children.

I have re-written Fl_Page_UpDown_Key to use the new icon buttons.

I am trying all this out on x86 with the latest aps-schedule.

I need to update the other apps that use Flpda/Flek.

There are some further features I need to add to schedule, and I want to add a generic linking feature to flpda. Then I think a beta testing release should be possible.


PS are we going to put flpda into CVS at nongnu.org?

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