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Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda strategy

From: Peeter Vois
Subject: Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda strategy
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:30:07 +0300


> Hi I hope you have sorted out the mail list. I have seen lots of
> testing messages from you. How big is the membership right now? Maybe
> the interested parties should introduce themselves.

The membership is 3 listener, 1 of them is digest user. I did send test
messages because I did wait loong time to see my own message... And made
some changes that hopefully would pass the messages more quickly but ...

> > 1. make it compatible with nonpatched fltk-1.1.4
> >     -- floating point operations where needed.
> >     => will require modifications into all applications, maybe.
> I don't mind being compatible with 1.1.4 but I think adding in support
> for floating point ops to the apps would be a mistake, since they were
> removed and the integer based alternatives were written for a good 
> reason. We can still be highly compatible by writing wrapper functions
> where necessary, supporting the de-facto API that the applications use
> with a thin wrapper that calls float routines where necessary. 
> Eventually we should be able to support the features with integer
> based solutions.

What about making the wrapper to be another library? The old apps will
be linked with this to be compatible with fltk-1.0.9. And new apps made
in the future will use fltk-[12].x.x without the wrapper. If they become
slow then we should make a branch to the fltk too which has integer
solution. That's what I would not like to see becuase looks like we two
are currently the only ones who will follow the library development.

> I have a working version where I have done most of this already. The 
> affected classes include
> -rw-r--r--    1 cxm      cxm          1055 Sep  5 10:49 export.h
> ... 
> Mostly they are from flek but there are some I have added (Toolbar and
> Icon_Button)

Place them into CVS: $cvs co the current CVS, make sure the headers your
changed files have corresponds to the files in CVS (copy-paste) and add
your Name there. Then replace the files in CVS directory with your own
new files and $cvs ci. $cvs add, $cvs ci your new files into the
directory. So I'll get them from CVS if you have done it. I'll then try
to find time and include i18n stuff there.

> I want to make changes to flpda where necessary to improve the
> usability of the current applications so that they are of commercial
> quality. This means adding features and improving performance. I also
> want to improve the design of the system where possible. For example I
> have improved the toolbar so it is implemented with fewer widgets,
> behaves better and is easier to code for. No doubt other parts of the
> code could be improved too.

Nice. I would like to see also how quickly works pixmap button with fltk
1.1.x. I did read the changelog and since 1.0.9 peple have made lots of
work with pixmaps.

> I'm keen to get other developers interested so I would like to take 
> advice on how to do that. Should I publish a tarball of work in 
> progress? Should I make vrdebs? Should I just update CVS? Or make a
> new rootdisk?

I think romdisk would be the choice. It will be easy to see how it is
working. Just let update the CVS so that at one point can be made
stable release of the library.

Best Regards ...
Peeter Vois

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