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Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda strategy

From: Peeter Vois
Subject: Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda strategy
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 22:12:44 +0300


> I would also like to see what we can do to make the documentation 
> better, at the moment it is poor. We could copy the fltk approach but
> I think we could also try something new - maybe doxygen. We have an 
> excellent collection of example code (the vr3 apps).

Looking through the apps would even simplify FLPDA because I have
strange feeling that some routines in library is "testing" stuff.

> Although a romdisk would be good, I think we also need to manage the 
> versions of apps to make a proper release. So I will probably do in
> this order:
> 1. get my work-in-progress flpda to match 1.1.4
> 2. publish a patch or put into cvs so you can try it
> 3. publish compatible schedule and contacts
> 4. fix as many apps as possible to be compatible
> 5. publish a first release rootdisk built from vrdeb
> 6. decide on extra features and put them into flpda
> 7. update apps
>   repeat 6,7 as necessary...

OK, I have bunch of apps available now for download, which do have
special Makefile.in and configure.in as described in my New App page.
Well, some of the packages are from earlier versions. This versions of
makefile will make easy to manage the source packages and do make the
.mo files for international release. There is only one interference with
vrdeb and this holds me back not using vrdeb. The interference is in
$(prefix)... . Vrdeb uses the $(prefix) in the way it should not use. It
defines the root according to the building system and not according to
the destination system - this is actually against debian policy. My
makefiles do use different variable called $(installroot) which in
combination with $(prefix) will give root in the building system as
$(installroot)/$(prefix) and $(prefix) is according to the destination
system (/usr, /usr/local). Redhat does use in RPM building the variable
$(ROOT) for the same reason. I do not remember what debian did suggest.

Uhh, It seems hopeless to me to start using snow-1.4.0.

aaa, the packages: http://my.tele2.ee/vois/packages.tar

Best Regards ...
Peeter Vois

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