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Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda quiz

From: Peeter Vois
Subject: Re: [Flpda-disc] flpda quiz
Date: Thu, 18 Sep 2003 09:54:30 +0300

This is good guestion, I think that it was some kind of testing thing.
All the aps-*.orgig.tar.gz did have possibility to compile into .so
rather than into executable. Maybe the initial idea was to make all apps
to be integratable? So, inside schedule can launch contacts in the way
that contacts functions are accessible by schedule. So the names and
addresses can directly taken from contacts. Also ToDo would be good to
have some kind of integration with schedule. That what I thougt such
things were for.

Best Regards ...
Peeter Vois

Ühel ilusal kenal päeval Wed, 17 Sep 2003 20:49:08 +0100
Cam <address@hidden> kirjutas:

> Hello flpda fans
> Here is a quiz question for you. What is the plugins code for?
> It doesn't have the usual copyrights and has few if any comments. It 
> seems to be used in some apps (eg. notes?) for beaming maybe.
> Was it some grand plan that was not finished? Could it be used to
> better effect in our apps? Could we replace it with a simple widget?
> Any ideas?
> -Cam
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