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Re: [Flpda-disc] Hello

From: Peeter Vois
Subject: Re: [Flpda-disc] Hello
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 22:25:04 +0200


> http://www.handhelds.org/z/wiki/iPKG
> It's fairly simple and can run on embedded devices. (It's so simple 
> early versions were written in shell script).

It looks useful, but starts to be complex, messy and too much features.

The features that I would like to have for PDA binary
packaging is:

0) Package information, (name, desc, deps, suggests)
1) Install
2) Uninstall
3) Update=Uninstall,Install

Not so needed features:

4) postinstall script
4.1) preuninstall script
(5) preinst script) Might not be needed

It might be cool that PDA can download all needed packages like apt-get

My template project does satisfy feature 1, and installing will be done
from PC. But creating binary tarball with some more information (feature
0) and making a very simple package installation and removal utility
(features 1,2 and 3) would be nice.

Best Regards ...
Peeter Vois

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