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[Forge-main] Re: Mecanics

From: Enrique Perez
Subject: [Forge-main] Re: Mecanics
Date: Mon, 4 Nov 2002 12:18:16 -0800 (PST)

Hail! Sisyphus D wrote:
> Unless I am indeed misunderstanding our goal -- a
> distinct possibility, so let me know -- we'd like to
> create a versatile, fast-moving system based upon
> (ability + trait = roll modifier) => roll modifier +
> die roll vs. target difficulty.

and Ricardo wrote:
> You are absolutely right here, although the above is not so strictly set
> in stone. I want a simple, 1-5 or 1-10 decimal scale using one dice roll
> only (if possible) per check. However, the mechanic I published is not
> set in stone (see the alternative mechanics below for other examples of
> the type of things I'm looking for).
> Hmm... you are right there, although looking at d20 a ability score of
> 10 (average) and a difficulty of 19 (quite high) gives you a 10% chance
> of success as well. However, I think you are right. Is there anyway we
> can modify this to make it more realistic?
> Actually, I absolutely agree here. The advantage of d6 is that they are
> so prolific. The only problem is that they don't give a natural result
> range. It boils down to 1-10 versus 1-6. Also, with the proliferation of
> computers and programmable calculators people can create dice-like
> results without the actual physical objects. We could create a 2d6
> system, though, what do you all think?

Also, a system will end up having circumstance bonuses, from tools / unusual 
characteristics /

So putting all this together, the ideal system would have an ability + skill + 
circumstance + die
roll versus decimal target difficulty. The die roll should be added to make the 
result curve more
gaussian and avoid the 10% chance of doing the near impossible. On the 0 - 5 
system ability
modifiers go to + 3, skill will probably be similar, also going to + 3, 2d6 
ranges from 2 to 12
and circumstance goes to say + 2. Adding this up and saying that near 
impossible is equivalent to
saying only a well suited person skilled in the art with everything going for 
him on a lucky day
can do this, the target difficulty will range up to 3 + 3 + 2 + 12 = 20. Twenty 
is still decimal
and although a zero to ten difficulty would be more comfortable to use, twenty 
is ok, provides
more granularity and is necessary by the nature of integer bonuses and integer 
die rolls.

Ricardo wrote:
> Alternatively, you could have an alternative Earth where a Greek-like
> civilization has managed to survive to the present day (or earlier with
> no Dark Ages to inhibit scientific development).

That's another good way of developing a high tech Greek fantasy world and I 
really like the whole
concept so I suggest that provisionally we start thinking of our first 
prototype world in that

Ricardo wrote:
> I thought it would be a much more open system, with experience awarded
> for quest victory, but also for good roleplaying and bonus points for
> contributing roleplaying material to the game (PC diaries, drawing
> pictures, etc). Rather than have a d20 kill a monster, get points
> system, have a simpler system that allows people greater freedom for
> awarding points.

This sounds great, the only reason I was talking about an experience system is 
because I didn't
notice it in the web page; but, that method is excellent and I hope to play in 
a world like that.

Ricardo wrote:
> So, magic creation and spells would be slightly different to G&M or d20.
> For example, you could create a fireball spell as above which would be a
> level 6 spell (Power score 6).
> That means we could still use your excellent magical items in the above
> system, all that would be required would be some tweaking of the rules
> you use. We would also first have to devise a stable system of magic first.

Works for me! As soon as there is a stable magic system with some example items 
I'll start porting
experimentalist stuff over.

I'm glad we're all talking and working on this game concept. I really hope we 
can keep going at
this pace and build a world to start stomping through soon;)


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