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Re: [Forge-main] Re: Mecanics

From: Ricardo Gladwell
Subject: Re: [Forge-main] Re: Mecanics
Date: 11 Nov 2002 15:32:11 +0000

On Sun, 2002-11-10 at 03:09, Enrique Perez wrote: 
> We should have tables for critical successes anyways, like the warhammer 
> critical death table.
> Basically when someone dies, depending on the type of weapon and the damage 
> done plus maybe a die
> roll there is a specific death. Making up something out of the air for a 
> bludgeoning weapon, 'a
> crushing blow collapses the lungs, the shock causing the body to jerk one 
> last time, death is
> immediate'. So when you roll high on an exploding die there's a good chance 
> the person dies right
> there in which case you can read the critical death. Should there be demand 
> you could make a
> critical success table for other endeavours where it makes sense, like say 
> intimidate or tumble.

The advantage of the critical system as it stands in Basic FORGE 0.0 is
that it makes the system much more flexible. By allowing the GM the
freedom to decide the results of a critical the system can be customized
in many ways. Optional rules for determining the results of criticals
(the tables as you suggested) can then be added on without closing the
system off to other possibilities.  One could also add a rule that a
critical adds 5 success points to any successful action.

On the topic of scale, the exploding dice mechanics allow results of 21+
to be made by beings with stats in the normal human range (0-5). I
wanted to keep the 0-20 difficulty scale for human-possible tasks, and
the 21+ range to human-impossible tasks, possible only for beings with
stats 6+.

This basically comes down to a closed versus open system. I have to
admit that I favor a closed system as mentioned above. Thoughts?

> I suggest that modifiers that come from the target be placed on the target 
> side whether they are
> positive or negative while the modifiers that come from the creature be 
> placed on that creature.

I thought about doing this too, but this leads to add complications:
adding bonuses to the roll or the difficulty doesn't make any difference
to the outcome. Its true, that adding internal bonuses/penalties to the
roll, whilst adding external bonuses/penalties to the difficulty makes
more "sense", limiting bonuses makes just as much sense and in fact makes
the system much simpler: anyone understands that shooting an arrow with
one blind-eye is more difficult than shooting an arrow with full sight. I'm
with Jerry on this one: the difficulty should be raised for penalties,
lowered for bonuses.


Ricardo Gladwell
President, Free Roleplaying Community

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