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RE: [FR-users] a few things

From: Curt Hibbs
Subject: RE: [FR-users] a few things
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 01:08:58 -0700

Pierre Baillet wrote:
> Hello,
> congratulations for the last version of freeride. I've tried to play a
> bit with it no my windows XP machine and so far, nothing went wrong.
> Here are some luser suggestions (do what you want with them :)):
> . Currently, the icons from the icon bar do not react at all when being
> hovered or clicked by the mouse, is this normal ? This can be easily
> confusing and one may think the application is not responding...
> . For my own project, i'd love to be able to set a working directory
> when running my script from freeride, is there any trick ? (or is the
> configuration panel hidden for now ? :). Maybe, this could also be
> possible to set a "virtual machine" and select my favorite ruby binary
> . i noticed things that were looking like "folds" in the scintilla
> textarea but was unable to find any shortcut for fold/unfold this folds.

These are all either missing or not-yet-implemented features/behaviors. We
want to keep track of all such things in the bug tracking system. So, if you
would, please enter them as "Feature Request" or a bug (as you see fit) at: (we might
recharacterize them later on).

> I'm currently playing a lot with ruby/gnome2 and wondered how difficult
> it would be to port the interface from fox to gtk2 (I know the choice of
> the toolkit library is quite subject to troll and I don't to be accused
> of "anti"-foxism). Seems like i would have to rewrite the
> "plugins\rubyide_fox_gui" folder with my gtk binding.
> Do the "plugins" folder mean the main interface is a plugin ?

Everything thing in FreeRIDE, including the main interface, is a plugin
(except for FreeBase -- the code that manages the plugins).

Implementing a new GUI-rendering plugin, while not a small task, should not
be particularly difficult (with one caveat). I am planning to do a wxRuby
(ruby binding to wxWindows) plugin if/when wxRuby is available and ready. he
main problem is the code editing component of FreeRIDE is Scintilla, and the
gui toolkit needs to include a version of Scintilla that renders itself to
that gui toolkit (FXRuby includes FXScintilla; wxWindows also includes a
version of Scintilla). So there would need to be a port of Scintilla that
renders itself to gtk.

> Thanks alot for freeride, keep up the good work!!

Thanks for the kind words and encouragement!


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