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RE: [FR-users] a few things

From: Curt Hibbs
Subject: RE: [FR-users] a few things
Date: Tue, 15 Apr 2003 09:03:28 -0700

> I have one comment on rc2: when I e.g. load gtk-demo sample (main.rb) from
> Ruby-GTK2 bindings, and try to select some widget demo, FreeRIDE cannot
> find & load scripts which are all in the same directory as main.rb. It
> gives e.g.:
> Cannot open: No such file or directory - "appwindow.rb"
> after quiting main.rb
> Is it a bug or there is a way to teach FreeRIDE to find callable scripts?

Sounds like a bug to me (probably the current directory is not getting set).
Can you please create a bug report and mark it as the highest priority (we
probably want to fix this before doing the actual release). You create a bug
report at:


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