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[FR-users] "undefined method `keys' for nil" when starting FreeRIDE

From: Sakke Wiik
Subject: [FR-users] "undefined method `keys' for nil" when starting FreeRIDE
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 15:44:35 +0300

I can't start FreeRIDE 0.5.0rc2 anymore. I even reinstalled the application
and ruby itself without success.
It might be that this problem started after i rebooted windows(Win2000).

Before this problem, FreeRIDE closed itself unexpectly now and then.

Here's the error:
freeruby-win\bin\ruby.exe freeride.rb
freebase/lib/freebase/readers.rb:103:in `read_slot': undefined method `keys'
for nil (NoMethodError)
        from freebase/lib/freebase/readers.rb:99:in `load'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/properties.rb:66:in `initialize'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/plugin.rb:103:in `new'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/plugin.rb:103:in `initialize'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/configuration.rb:331:in `new'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/configuration.rb:331:in `instance'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/configuration.rb:63:in `load_plugins'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/core.rb:61:in `initialize'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/core.rb:35:in `new'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/core.rb:35:in `startup'
        from freeride.rb:55:in `startup'
        from freeride.rb:68

Sakke Wiik

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