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RE: [FR-users] "undefined method `keys' for nil" when startingFreeRIDE

From: Sakke Wiik
Subject: RE: [FR-users] "undefined method `keys' for nil" when startingFreeRIDE
Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2003 08:52:55 +0300

The problem disappeared after deleting the config files. I also attached
the configuration files into a zip in the bug report.


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Subject: RE: [FR-users] "undefined method `keys' for nil" when

Sakke Wiik wrote:
> I can't start FreeRIDE 0.5.0rc2 anymore. I even reinstalled the
> application
> and ruby itself without success.
> It might be that this problem started after i rebooted windows(Win2000).

It looks like the fatal error is occurring when FreeRIDE is trying to read
the config files. Reinstalling FreeRIDE does not touch these files. Try
deleting the config files (they will be recreated automatically) and see if
FreeRIDE will start up.

Look for a "freeride" subdirectory off of your home directory (in Windows,
you home directory path is stored in the environment variable USERPROFILE).
Just delete the freeride directory and all of its contents and then try

On second thought, I'd like also like to find and fix this problem, so
before you delete it, zip it up and post it with a bug report at:


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