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Re: [FR-users] Re: [Foxgui-users]FreeRIDE and fxscintilla, continued

From: Laurent Julliard
Subject: Re: [FR-users] Re: [Foxgui-users]FreeRIDE and fxscintilla, continued
Date: Tue, 06 May 2003 11:43:00 +0200
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Daniel Berger wrote:
"address@hidden" wrote:

The debugger works perfectly ok on my Linux machine. The problem you are seeing here telles me that you are actually using 2 different version of distributed Ruby. Could you look into the full command line that is used to launch the remote debugger? Type: ps axww | grep debuggee

Are the versions in your Ruby interpreter and in freeride/redist different?


Believe it or not, the scintilla-test.rb example core dumps (actually
most do, now that I try them), yet FreeRIDE *does* work.  Well, until I
try to use the debugger anyway, at which point it dies with an
"incompatible marshal file format" error:

redist/drb/drb.rb:124:in `load': incompatible marshal file format (can't
be read) (TypeError)
        format version 4.6 required; 4.8 given
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:124:in `load'
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:143:in
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:458:in `proc'
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:499:in `loop'
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:499:in `proc'
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:450:in `start'
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059) redist/drb/drb.rb:450:in `proc'
        from (druby://sp5wd-b1:33059)
./plugins/rubyide_tools_debugger/debuggee.rb:61:in `run'
         ... 31 levels...
        from freebase/lib/freebase/core.rb:35:in `new'
        from freebase/lib/freebase/core.rb:35:in `startup'
        from freeride.rb:55:in `startup'
        from freeride.rb:68

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