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[FR-users] [BUG] Debugging problem

From: Dmitry V. Sabanin
Subject: [FR-users] [BUG] Debugging problem
Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2003 16:39:19 +0800
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I have strange problem while trying debugging a simple test file.
Before that i debugged big program, and then succesfully stoped it.

P.S. If it's unresolvable from information that i attached, plz ignore me :)

$ ruby ./freeride.rb 
/work/fun/happy_tickets.rb on druby://muraveylabs:36460 attached.
/work/code-ai/tests.rb on druby://muraveylabs:36465 attached.
/work/sdmitry.rb on druby://muraveylabs:36473 attached.
/home/cvs/freeride/./plugins/rubyide_fox_gui/appframe.rb:153: [BUG] 
Segmentation fault
ruby 1.6.8 (2002-12-24) [i386-linux]

sdmitry -=- Dmitry V. Sabanin

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