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[fsfc-discuss] UEFI, Bill C-11, and our provincial governments (Was: 'DR

From: Russell McOrmond
Subject: [fsfc-discuss] UEFI, Bill C-11, and our provincial governments (Was: 'DRM'/'TPM' + another thought)
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 11:48:56 -0500
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On 12-02-18 01:33 AM, Michael Faille wrote:
The problem is the misuse of TPM (when motherboard owner didn't own the
privatekey). It's like the misuse of UEFI :

By the way, I sent a copy of my article on the UEFI issue http://c11.ca/5361 to my member of provincial parliament (MPP, sometimes called MLA's in other provinces). Property law is properly the jurisdiction of the provinces, and I have been writing my MPP about the jurisdictional issues with the federal "Copyright" bill for years now.

My MPP is Ontario Primier Dalton McGuinty, and while he has forwarded my letters on to Ontario Ministers, I have never received an answer on this issue from any of them.

If we can flood MPP/MLA's with letters on this issue, that might wake them up to the problems.

Maybe if this group doesn't dive into a paper petition, then a letter writing campaign might be of interest?

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  manufacturers, can pry my camcorder, computer, home theatre, or
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