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Re: [fsfc-discuss] FSF Canada: next possible steps

From: Russell McOrmond
Subject: Re: [fsfc-discuss] FSF Canada: next possible steps
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 13:39:14 -0500
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Replying to older message to try to continue that thread as well.

On 12-01-24 07:20 AM, Russell McOrmond wrote:
 CLUE exists http://cluecan.ca , but they are also more of an "open
source" organisation (Focus is on the non-political engineering benefits
of FLOSS).

On 12-02-02 10:23 AM, Fabian Rodriguez wrote:
Right. Do you think CLUE can go beyond being just "pragmatic" about this
? I understand the vocabulary to get government and industry interested
in these issues is different, but we need to go beyond the practical,
economical aspects of using FLOSS.

The best people to ask is the existing directors of the organization. This might be a good time for people who have an interest to jump on board. It is an existing non-profit that has a related mandate to what a Canadian branch of the FSF might do, but doesn't have the FSF/GNU/etc name association. Given the various comments on some of the branding people have expressed, this might be considered by some to be a good thing.

Maybe for some rebuilding CLUE would be a better idea than creating an FSF from scratch?

I've written the existing directors and other associated volunteers to let them know the discussion is happening here.

CLUE has been getting quieter over the years, largely due to time issues with the volunteer directors and "staff". If you look at http://cluecan.ca you can mostly see postings to the blog I've been making on the policy side, similar to what I post to digital-copyright.ca. Evan has been doing some stuff at ICANN, and other people affiliated with CLUE have been doing individual projects using the CLUE name, but we haven't been very active as a group.

Maybe there are people here who would like to change that? I know I'd welcome that, but I'm just a policy guy and not someone who has been actively involved in any other aspect of the organization. I want a group to be working with, as opposed to continuing to do the policy work as an individual.

Note: while the formal name is still "Canadian Linux Users' Exchange", it hasn't been that for a while. When I was invited in 2006 to participate it was "CLUE: Canada's Association for Open Source". I can live with the "Open Source" language as a FLOSS policy wonk, but wasn't interested previously when it appeared to have a focus on Linux and users of software (An umbrella LUG to join together other LUG's).


Directors according to that filing:


There are other people involved who may be interesting to chat with.

    Bill Traynor  - on the board at various times
    David J Patrick - Executive director for a while
    Scott Lamberton - Fundraising/NGO relations
    Russell McOrmond - Policy Coordinator
    Mike Kenzie - Treasurer at one point

Note: Not publishing email addresses in this list to respect their privacy, but they are all readily available elsewhere.

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