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Re: [fsfc-discuss] Canadian Free Software community taking on Bill C-11

From: Richard Stallman
Subject: Re: [fsfc-discuss] Canadian Free Software community taking on Bill C-11
Date: Sat, 25 Feb 2012 20:32:20 -0500

First, please forgive me for taking 5 days to respond.

Your plan for a letter writing campaign is a good idea.  The sentence

      This bill puts digital handcuffs on the computers and other 
    technology which Canadians depend on for work and personal reasons.

is somewhat simplistic.  Maybe that is ok, but I'd feel better saying

      This bill makes it illegal to break the digital handcuffs that
      many modern computers and software place on their users.  Please
      don't let the US turn our computers into prison guards.

What do you think of that text?  Want to propose a modified version?
Something else?

Do you think any more is needed beyond that?

Once you have text that is suitable, please go ahead with this.  Would
you like to publish it, or should the FSF do so?  Either way is ok with

If you post it, the FSF will publicize the campaign using its mailing
lists and web sites.  We can also ask Public Knowledge and some other
organizations to support it.

Dr Richard Stallman
President, Free Software Foundation
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Boston MA 02110
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