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[Fsfe-france-pr] Are you avaliable for a date on monday ?

From: Ignacio Delaney
Subject: [Fsfe-france-pr] Are you avaliable for a date on monday ?
Date: Sun, 14 Nov 2004 21:14:03 -0800

Hi ! I'm a young lady looking for fun mostly :)
Nothing serious for now but who knows where it might get us !

John told me you and I would fit well together. (he is a member of the same dating site as I am, and recommended you) .

So if you would like to see my profile, I'm the 3rd girl in the first row .

I also got a webcam, so we can have some fun :)

Hit this link to see my profile

If you don't wanna receive my emails anymore you can click here http://[dradfa].miedcbbj.info/?lmT3TXSsLpYvB9R[asdf]
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