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[Fsfe-france] Re: FSF France added to Affero

From: Loic Dachary
Subject: [Fsfe-france] Re: FSF France added to Affero
Date: Tue, 9 Sep 2003 11:11:58 +0200


        Thanks for these answers. I have a few more questions.

        A) When does the benefactor of a donation (FSF France in this
           case) actually receives the money and by which means ?

        B) Is the benefactor of a donation notified when a donation is
           made or does she have to monitor AFFERO on a regular basis
           ?  I did not find a summary page for each benefactors that
           would ease this process. Although I'm presumably the
           contact for FSF France, I did not receive a notification for
           the 50$ donation that was made to FSF France.

        C) In order for the donators to benefit from tax deductibility
           we could make a page on FSF France where she fills the
           necessary information and is then directed to AFFERO (in
           another navigator tab or window). When the donation is
           complete she could cut/paste her AFFERO nickname in the FSF
           France form to complete the donation. We could then match
           the information needed to send the receipt with the
           informations listed on the FSF France donations page

        I understand that we are trying to bend AFFERO so that tax
deductibility is made possible, should the donator chose to. This leads
to an somewhat complex process and I'd very much like to know if there
is a way to simplify it.


Lori Winslow writes:
 > Thanks for your inquiry.  Affero emails a receipt each time a donation
 > is made. I noticed you made a donation so you should have received this
 > email that I refer to.  This receipt that is sent to the donor outlines
 > what organizations the funds are distributed to and the total amount of
 > the donation.  Since not all of the organizations in our database are
 > Non Profit Organizations, AND a single donation could be distributed to
 > up to three different organizations, sometimes a donation will only be
 > partially tax deductible.  It is the responsibility of the donor to know
 > what part of that donation is tax deductible (i.e. know which
 > organizations are non profits).
 > If it is the case for a resident of France for the donation to be tax
 > deductible, FSF France need to send a notice directly to the donor and
 > our email receipt is not sufficient then either the donor will not be
 > able claim the tax deduction or they will need to offer their contact
 > information separately and directly to FSF France.  In accordance with
 > our privacy policy, we do not send donor information to the
 > organizations that receive the funds.
 > Hope this information is helpful.  If there is anything further I can
 > help clarify - please do not hesitate to contact me.

Donate to FSF France online : http://rate.affero.net/fsffrance/
Loic Dachary, 12 bd Magenta, 75010 Paris. Tel: 33 1 42 45 07 97      
http://www.fsffrance.org/   http://www.dachary.org/loic/gpg.txt

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