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Mailing lists

From: Andy Fletcher
Subject: Mailing lists
Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2001 01:33:55 +0100

I have been approached by one of the administrators of savannah.gnu.org 
(Jaime E . Villate ) regarding moving the ukfsfe list to that server where it 
would sit with the  fsfe-france and fsfe-portugal lists (amongst others).

This would have the advantage of keeping the various fsfe lists together and 
consistant. They also use mailman which is more flexible than majordomo.

I have no problems with the move if the members of this list are happy to 
make the change. List members could be automatically registered on the new 
list providing there are nobody objects to me passing on the address list for 
this purpose only. The mailing list archive can be moved in the same way. If 
you wish I can administrate the new mailing list on your behalf or one of you 
can take on the role.

On the other hand I am happy to continue administrating the list in the 
existing form if that is what is wanted.

Please let me know your wishes.


FSFE discussions U.K

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