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Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)
Date: 16 Jun 2001 13:15:25 +0100
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Frederic Couchet <address@hidden> writes:

> Having all the list in a same (and official) place is a good thing and
> make cooperation between us easier.
> What do you think about it ?

Can you say "all your eggs in one basket"?  Personally, I quite like
lists being hosted away from the main sites, as they tend to function
better in my experience.  We have someone in the UK willing to donate
some facilities, so why not graciously accept the donation?

If the admin wants us to move, I guess we'll move, but if savannah is
hosted outside the EU, I'd also have reservations about data
protection legislation compliance.

I'd recommend using savannah for other functions, though, but not a
core function such as the mailing list.
FSFE discussions U.K

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