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Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)

From: Alex Hudson
Subject: Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)
Date: Sun, 17 Jun 2001 18:13:51 +0100
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> I was just thinking we should maybe create a template for how to get a
> country going with the FSF Europe in order to make it easier for
> people to get involved.

I think that's an excellent idea - currently, it does seem a little ad-hoc,
and probably ought to be better established. The outline you proposed seems
sensible enough.

As regards moving the UK list - most people on the list seem in favour or
happy in either situation - can I take it then that we have consensus? 

> The people involved should try to meet as many people of the FSF
> Europe as possible at conferences, tradeshows or whatever so the
> members of the FSF Europe get a chance to have a personal impression.

Another bonza idea. W.r.t. the UK, how many people are turning up to the UK
Expo in London? I think Phil's idea of meeting up at the Debian stand is
quite good, even if it's just to chat informally. I suspect most people on
this list will be dropping by if only to see if there are any r3 / woody
disks available :) I'll be going so long as a) my badge comes through and b)
nothing blows up at work beforehand.

Apart from that, the next big one over here isn't until September really,
which is the Birmingham show.


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