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Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)

From: MJ Ray
Subject: Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)
Date: 18 Jun 2001 00:19:44 +0100
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Frederic Couchet <address@hidden> writes:

> Using Savannah to the fsfeuk list in a question of cooperation between
> future chapters and associate organizations, visibility of efforts,
> cooperation with GNU, share sysadmin efforts with GNU ... and not a
> question of « all your eggs in one basket »

You see the doughnut, I see the hole.  Maybe this is more of a sign
that savannah should aim to be more inclusive of projects which it
doesn't host, rather than pursuing the same sort of "you're either on
us, or you're ignored by us" that sourceforge appears to do?

Appwatch was supposed to only list DFSG (or something) compliant
licences when it started, but these aren't apps anyway.  We could do
with a "freshmeat" for GPL *projects* perhaps?

It upsets me when an organisation championing freedom in one aspect of
life is too rigid to accept freedoms in other aspects.  Doesn't it

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