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Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)

From: Ramin Nakisa
Subject: Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks)
Date: Tue, 19 Jun 2001 07:47:50 GMT

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On 6/17/01, 6:13:51 PM, Alex Hudson <address@hidden> wrote regarding 
Re: getting FSF Europe, Chatper UK going (was Re: Thanks):

> As regards moving the UK list - most people on the list seem in favour or
> happy in either situation - can I take it then that we have consensus?

I agree.

> > The people involved should try to meet as many people of the FSF
> > Europe as possible at conferences, tradeshows or whatever so the
> > members of the FSF Europe get a chance to have a personal impression.

> Another bonza idea. W.r.t. the UK, how many people are turning up to the 
> Expo in London? I think Phil's idea of meeting up at the Debian stand is
> quite good, even if it's just to chat informally. I suspect most people 
> this list will be dropping by if only to see if there are any r3 / woody
> disks available :) I'll be going so long as a) my badge comes through and 
> nothing blows up at work beforehand.

I'll be there.  Do you have to buy a ticket beforehand?


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