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[Fsfe-uk] April 13th: Meeting Agenda

From: Alex Hudson
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] April 13th: Meeting Agenda
Date: 01 Apr 2002 19:36:34 +0100

Hmm, a day late with this (depending how you count the weekend ;),
apols. Okay, this is how how I see the meeting going:

    * 13:00 - Arrival
    * 13:15 - AFFS business, membership, event planning, etc.
    * 14:45 - shortish break
    * 15:00 - campaigns (patents, education, etc.)
    * 17:00 - finish

All in all, about four hours, although obviously if you want to nip down
the local arcade for a quick game of bust-a-move you can miss the bits
you don't fancy. I've deliberately not gone into the whole after-meeting
mess; perhaps the best bet would be to let those fancy journo types go
off down their favourite haunt and leave the hoi polloi to the local
spoon ;)

The division is fairly clear: AFFS business, and Campaigns (which may be
AFFS oriented, but probably ought to be in conjuntion with other
groups). In the time honoured tradition of mud-throwing, let's see what
sticks to the wall out of this lot:

AFFS Business
- Introductions: new people, etc. - who we are, who has met before, etc.
- Reports: where we are now, how we got here - thinking finance,
organisation, etc.
- AFFS in the small
 + discussion on membership and standing orders
 + a logo for AFFS
 + address@hidden
 + association with the FSFE
- Publicity/Media
 + Advertising/magazine copy-on-demand
 + Generating articles (i.e., "Why FS is a Good Thing")
 + Free Software Magazine: do we want to do anything with this?
 + Press Releases (related to affs-announce)
- Events
 + {Brum|London} Expo
 + GNU Day
 + Linux Install Day [?]
- Community building & relations
 + (related to PR: FSM, article generation, etc.)
 + Free Software/Development directory & newssite for UK [?]
 + (website / affs-announce)
 + Free Software Award
 + Making literature/advice available (single point of contact?)
 + Institutional Web Manager Liason [?]

[lobbying government goes without saying ...]
- Free Software and Education
 + Report on Schoolforge.net liason
 + Interaction with DfEE/Becta/Nesta
 + Where now..
- Free Software & Patents
 + Current activities
 + Interaction with DTi/Gov. 
 + Where now..
- Copyright / Digital Rights
 + Current activities
 + Liason with CDR
 + Where now..
- Free Software & Business?
 + DTi again.

Things marked [?] passed me by on the mailing list.. either that, or my
poor old brian is becoming quite addled :). Is there anything I have
missed? I have conflagrated a number of items into one, so it may be
that issue X has joined issues Y and Z in one big lump - viz. the Expos.

If you want to submit something for the agenda, feel free. Note, that I
intend to keep it open only until the 9th/10th - due to time contraints,
we may feel the need to drop/shorten some items, and I can't do that on
a whim ;). I would be grateful if you can categorise any suggestions you
may have into either 'topics' or 'motions'. For example, 'copy on
demand' is a topic for discussion; 'I propose their be an office for
Public Relations' is a motion - if you can distill your proposal into
one of the two, I'd be grateful - motions should fit into the above and
are really details; topics won't.  

On the other hand, if you feel something shouldn't be there, then say so
also. If something looks like a small/trivial matter, that doesn't
necessarily mean it shouldn't be there - the chair of the meeting should
have sufficient nouse to keep everything moving at a decent, timely,
rate. But, if it doesn't warrant discussion, we can remove things now. I
have basically listed everything which is sitting in my inbox
(intentionally or otherwise ;), and some of these items I've not been
involved with.

Unless I hear screaming and caterwauling, I'll post the headlines on to
t'web tomorrow. Oh, and if any of the above needs explaining/expanding,
do say - I'm assuming it will be obvious to most of the denizens of this
list; that doesn't mean that I'm not wrong :D



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