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[Fsfe-uk] Hi, and the Community Linux Training Centre Proposal

From: Paul Mobbs
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Hi, and the Community Linux Training Centre Proposal
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2002 12:15:41 +0000

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I'm new to the list. Here's a quick introduction.

I'm a grassroots activists who also is a geek. I've been into Linux since 
late 1999, but didn't fully convert and dump Windoze until early 2001. Most 
of my work involve writing and training community groups and activists. I've 
also been doing a lot of work recently on Internet Rights. If you'd like some 
examples of my work see:

http://www.fraw.org.uk/archive/rangers/gn-irt/index.html - "The GreenNet 
Internet Rights Toolkit"

http://www.fraw.org.uk/archive/rangers/lp-sec/index.html - "Participating 
With Safety" (briefings developed for journalists/human rights workers on 
secure communications/computer security)

Anyhow, I thought I'd alert you to a thing I'm working up with the Free Range 
Network - "The Community Linux Mobile Training Centre". FSFE-UK might like to 
give it a little publicity to help get the project working, and then perhaps 
hire it out!

The project proposal is at:

Basically we wanted to develop a mobile ICT training centre that could 
operate in a community centre, or in the middle of a field at gatherings sich 
as Glastonbury or the Big Green Gathering. This proposal is what we came up 
with. We've tried to get funding from funding bodies for four years, but they 
really have problems funding something as vague as 'training people to do 
anything they want to do'.

If you'd like more details please get in touch.


- -- 
- -------------------

"We are not for names, nor men, nor titles of Government, nor are we for
this party nor against the other but we are for justice and mercy and
truth and peace and true freedom, that these may be exalted in our nation,
and that goodness, righteousness, meekness, temperance, peace and unity
with God, and with one another, that these things may abound."
(Edward Burroughs, 1659 - from 'Quaker Faith and Practice')

Paul Mobbs, Mobbs' Environmental Investigations,
3 Grosvenor Road, Banbury OX16 5HN, England
tel./fax (+44/0)1295 261864

email - address@hidden
website - http://www.fraw.org.uk/mobbsey.html
public key - http://www.fraw.org.uk/keylist.html

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