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[Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute

From: Martin Coxall
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute
Date: 15 Apr 2002 03:16:27 +0100

Hello you.

Just seen the "minutes" for Saturday's meeting. What a load of Gazelle
Cack. The minutes systematically 1984s out all of the dissent and
philosophical discussion that occupied all of table 1 and some of table
2 for the majority of the duration of the meeting.

Those "minutes", apart from being a factually inaccurate representation
of the truth, are a gross insult to the intelligence of those of us who
bothered to turn up on Saturday with the intention of being anything
more than trivia-obsessed petty bureaucratic QUANGO-heads.

My suggestion is that whoever falsified these minutes, apologise for
this shameful lapse in judgment, reverse this attempt to airbrush out
the opinions of all those he found distasteful, go back and do it again,
and this time *get it right*.

Funny thing is, Nick, Neil and I *knew* this was going to happen.
Bureaucrats can be so tiresomely predictable. I am sorry if important
philosophical and political discussions threaten those of you who are
here for the "minutes", "committees", "working groups", "liaisons" and
"mailing list reorganisations" and whatever else your John Birtian
instinct for paperwork and structured diagrams has instilled in you, but
these things *are* important.

If you are going to persist in attempting all important philosophical
and political discussions because they are not "important" or not
"short-term" or "impolite" or "not the done thing", then you are going
to very quickly become a stumbling block, a point of inertia within a
vitally important movement, something to be railed against, fought,

Don't let that happen. Please rewrite the minutes to reflect what
actually happened, rather than writing it exactly as we predicted you
would; like you dreamed the entire meeting in some bizarre civil servant



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