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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute

From: Martin Coxall
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute
Date: 15 Apr 2002 14:08:22 +0100

> I WAS at Saturday's meeting (if you look at the list of those present, my
> name is there). I guess I am "the secretary" you refer to above, in that I
> took notes for group 2's discussion and for as much of the rest as I could
> hear and extract salient points from. But I am not on the committee, I
> simply did it because I thought it would help those that couldn't make it
> to the meeting.

Then you have no excuse. The minutes do not come even close to
representing the basic thrust of the meeting and you know it.

> * If you or anyone else from group 1's table have notes they can provide,
>   it would be a very good idea to post those to the list.

Pah, I am not a petty bureaucrat. It's people like you that enjoy this
sort of thing. The bloke from Linux Format may have taken some notes,
but you know what we were talking about since your half joined in later,
then made it clear that you found the discussion distasteful, then you
fucked off to another pub. It's clear that since it was a fundamental
discussion about the nature and philosophy of the organisation, you
simply decided to pretend none of it ever happened at the meeting.

> * If you're not happy with the notes, please do post amendments and
>   corrections.

I just did. I told you to stop writing the most significant discussions
of the day out of the minutes.

> * Otherwise, STFU.

Nope. And if you pull this sort of nonsense again, I will pick you up on
it again. There are more important things than meetings, committee,
minutes, working, groups, liaisons, mailing list outreaches and
teacher-geek free software interfaces.

Your attempt to ignore the wider reaches of Saturday's discussion and
focus on the mundane does the AFFS a gross disservice. The bureaucrats
are running the asylum, and it has only existed as a group for a few
weeks. Sad, especially as this sort of thing doesn't have to happen. To
quote Richard Stallman: "There are more important things than free



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