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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute

From: Philip Hands
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute
Date: 15 Apr 2002 16:31:19 +0100

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 15:46, Martin Coxall wrote:
> > I tried to draw what was rapidly becoming a tit-for-tat shouting match
> > (like this one) to a close so that we could move on to other issues. It
> > was not the discussion I found distasteful but the lack of common manners
> > and decency by the side that opted for the "shout them down, we know best,
> > don't listen to their points" approach.
> Nope. The discussion was progressing appropriately towards some kind of
> conclusion. It was clear that certain people feel threatened by this
> sort of dialect (it's a very middle class British way to behave), and
> since your exalted position of "power" was threatened by an interesting
> discussion you hadn't sanctioned, you try to pretend it never happened.

The bit that I was involved in was not an interesting discussion at all.

It was mostly me attempting to demonstrate that our views are largely in
alignment, and you choosing to misinterpret what I said --- at least
that is my perception which was shared by several others there.

When that realisation dawned on me, I had no real further interest in
the discussion, although I admit I carried on just a little after that
on the basis that I like a fight, and I was intrigued to know how long
you'd maintain your obtuseness.

If I have misinterpreted the situation, then I am left to wonder why you
haven't come up with a cogent response to my summary of that part of the
discussion.  If you think we were really disagreeing, point out where
our opinions differ.

If, as I believe was the case, we were having a heated *agreement*, then
I don't see much point minuting it to be honest, and I don't think your
earlier outburst is in any way justified.

Cheers, Phil.
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