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Liasing (was: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute)

From: Alex Hudson
Subject: Liasing (was: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Just a Minute)
Date: 15 Apr 2002 18:09:33 +0100

On Mon, 2002-04-15 at 17:07, Martin Keegan wrote:
> As someone who believes in free software, I want there to be something
> like the AFFS. However, my understanding of the situation is that there
> exists a set of non-Free-Software issues which are more important than FS
> itself, and which are crucial to the very survival of FS in a meaningful
> form. I believe (and not everyone will agree with this) that it is wrong
> for an organisation which is substantially about free software to
> concentrate generally on other issues, no matter how related, without
> changing its name/constitution to reflect that, etc.

Actually, I think many would be in agreement with you. However, the AFFS
has a well-defined scope. If something is crucial to the survival of
Free Software, directly or indirectly, then it falls within the remit of
the organisation. If it has demonstrably _no_ effect on Free Software,
then it falls outside the scope of the AFFS. 

> For me this discussion is about how AFFS will fit into the wider scheme of
> organisations in this area.

That is a separate discussion from the one on the list at the moment,
but a valid one. I don't think that we've actually "actioned" (heh :)
anything which could count as liasing with other organisations, but that
was definitely on the agenda..

The reasoning originally was that there are a number of areas in which
we share common interests with other organisations, such as the CDR. How
would we operate with such an organisation? Well, when people bring up
issues better dealt with by the CDR, we should refer them to CDR as
well. If the CDR starts a campaign which the AFFS should support, then
the AFFS should actively support it. What that means is open - if it's a
rally, we should encourage people to attend. If it requires people to do
something, sign a petition, etc., we should do that. If the AFFS is able
to lend help, we should. And if there is an opportunity for CDR and AFFS
to run a joint campaign, then we should take it.

In the case of CDR, we should explore what activities the CDR is
currently undertaking, and what AFFS should be supporting. I personally
don't know enough about CDR, and I think for many just having knowledge
of what each other is up to is a great idea.



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