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Re: [Fsfe-uk] Birmingham Expo

From: Martyn Ranyard
Subject: Re: [Fsfe-uk] Birmingham Expo
Date: Tue, 16 Apr 2002 10:43:34 +0100

At 10:47 AM 4/16/02 +0100, Andrew Savory wrote:
Hi all,

Birmingham Expo: just over a month away (29/30 May). We should get

Yay! expos are a great day out!

* Can anyone confirm that we definitely have a stand there?
  * What size space/tables do we have?

We will need:

* Display materials (e.g. big "AFFS" sign, leaflets for people to take
away and digest later).

Good point, I'll see if I get a chance to pull together some docs, which I'll pdf and link on the list, but don't let that stop anyone else doing the same.

* A list of people who can man the stand (so far I think I have a no from
Brian Gough and Phil Hands, and a probably/yes from Marie). We need a
minimum of one person at all times, so I think we need more volunteers :-)

I had (previously) offered Synergistic Software Company's (SSC) help (there's two of us) at least for manning the stand.

* Mechanism for people to join AFFS at the stand. I'd suggest a laptop or
two with a suitable form to fill in (on the theory that electronic data
capture should reduce errors), optionally spitting out receipts if we're
taking money from them. (Do we legally need to provide receipts? If not,
an A5 "thank you for joining AFFS" sheet would be a good idea.)

Even if we don't need reciepts, it's a good idea, maybe we can combine the two.

* Speakers and specific speaking topics?

We (SSC) could talk about how we make money using Free Software, but how "AFFS-centric" we could make it could be as big a thread as the one which just (hopefully) closed.

* ... the usual "anything else I've missed".

SSC could probably provide a Projector, I have a laptop running a stripped-down slackware (very bare X - I think I have X but no X apps!, and it's a customised one - resprayed, maybe not such a great idea.) We could bring one of our Window$ machines with, but then we are limited to free software that runs on Window$.

Ghostscript, GIMP, Abiword, Cygnus are all obvious, but do we want to show anything running on Window$ - oh god I've started another one!


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I think I've volunteered enough, so I'll stop now.

Martyn Ranyard
Free Software Advocate

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