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[Fsfe-uk] Hello

From: Chris Puttick
Subject: [Fsfe-uk] Hello
Date: Tue, 23 Apr 2002 15:45:19 +0100


I've just joined and thought I'd throw this into the melting pot...


Ex-commercial IT professional, graduate, professionally certified and full member of IMIS. Moved into education sector 2 years ago, started with Linux about the same time at home, introduced it to the schools about 1 year ago on servers and ICT support PCs. I'm a SuSE fan...


Why did I put that in? Because it's why I'm having some success pushing alternative software solutions in schools. I sit across from them, with my (known) achievements in the schools I've helped, with my degree, my letters after my name (MCP, MIMIS) and I talk sensibly and knowledgeably about ICT in schools.

The result is that when at some point in the conversation I suggest looking at alternatives to MS and saving tens of thousands of pounds into the process, they listen to me. I throw in a few big names they should know (IBM/SuSE partnership, Sun, Borland) and suddenly they're agreeing to adopt StarOffice and try out thin client and maybe making the open access room (just web and office applications) pure Linux. School management can add up, they just need to be shown. In fact, to be honest, they need selling to. But it has to be by someone they accept as an expert. Preferably someone they know is expensive to talk to.

This is the approach that is needed. Make it feel professional, unbiased and complete. Be ready for the arguments with quietly reasoned responses. And the arguments are very standardised. Possibly documentable, but I'm not sure of the impact in that medium.

Just my tenpence worth on hooking schools. I'm interested in any responses, if only to get the feel of the list.


Chris Puttick
IT Manager
Central Manchester City Learning Centre
+44 (0)161 212 1972/70

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